Friday, August 22, 2008

Katy Goes to Korea??

Hey all!

After a grueling summer waiting to hear from any and all geology jobs I've applied to in the past six months, I've decided to take a different route...straight to South Korea. My current plan is to teach English in Korea for a year. During this time, I'll be putting money away for the next year, in which I hope to be a VISTA volunteer for Americorps as a geologist in either Appalachia or Colorado. With AmeriCorps, I will be serving less-fortunate communities with my geology skills--something I dream of doing as a career one day in volcanology. After I complete the VISTA program, I plan to attend graduate school in either Hawaii, Washington state, or somewhere there are active volcanoes. There, I will get my Master's in Volcanology or something of the sort. So there's my next four plus years in a nutshell...and if you know me, one paragraph REALLY is a nutshell. :)

Return to my blog, as I'll update as often as I can while in Korea!

OH--I hope to leave near the beginning of October. I am still waiting for my documents; once I have all of them gathered, I can notify the ASK Now (Accessing South Korea Now) agency and they will probably contact me within 48 hours with a request for an interview from a potential employer.