Thursday, November 27, 2008


someone once told me i should marry a linguist.  a small part of me is realizing more and more how incredible that would be.  

as i break through the surface of this world across the world from "home," i begin to indulge my unknown desire for languages other than my own.  sure, i learned a bit of spanish, a bit of Russian, and even a bit of Ukrainian, but i have never been immersed into an unknown culture speaking an unknown tongue for so long before.  it's incredible.  being here hearing nothing but Korean spoken everywhere i go forces me to listen intently to the patterns of speech with what little grammar patterns i know.  i watch expressions, listen for vocal inflections, and hear each and every phrase or small word i know.  i am amazed at the amount of simple conversation i can understand just following these patterns.  having only three lessons in Korean, i am indebted to the seemedly simple structure of the Korean language system and the great amount of expression in each person's vocal inflections.

yes, i realize my words are so completely immature in judgement, but i wanted to make sure i expressed this as the Korean language is unveiled before my eyes.  i am so grateful that i have this opportunity to learn a language while living in its native country.  what a blessing!  It is Thanksgiving after all.  I will reflect.

I think everyone studying to teach English to English speakers should have a time where they teach to non-native English speakers.  Most of us forget how we originally learned English.  We forget all the patterns, constantly learning vocabulary, and all the time it took.  May I be so bold as to say that we, as native English speakers, got it easy?  Do you realize how many people in nations all around the world spend excessive amounts of money and time learning the language that we were taught for free from day one?  

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